Saturday, December 18, 2010

We have a name!!

So following much prayer, indecisiveness, and more prayers and talks with Joey and our boys, we have picked a name for our daughter!  We can't wait to welcome Ava Grace to our family.  I think of you every day, Ava Grace, and can't wait to squeeze you.  Collin is here with me this morning and says, "I can't wait 'til we get her so we can give her a new bear and blankie.  She'll be able snuggle up in her bed."

We are making Christmas cookies today, and this will be our last time doing this without her here with us :)  Thank you, Lord, for guiding us to Ava Grace.  We love her so much already .... 


  1. I can't wait either, another baby to spoil & love, and buy girlie things for!!

  2. I am so excited that I get to read all about this as it unfolds!

  3. Thanks so much Aunt Cheryl and Jodie! We feel truly blessed to be on this journey.