Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's soon to be Thanksgiving ... in fact I should be in the kitchen cooking now :)  But this holiday season, I am reminded that this is the last Thanksgiving for our family to be a family of 4.  Next year we will have a little girl's voice (and cries)  in our home ....and we are so very ready for that.  I feel a bit sad tonight, because I know our little girl is most likely in an orphanage in which they do not celebrate Thanksgiving.  I am not sure if she'll have enough to eat, or if she'll be held or picked up quickly when she cries, and that makes my heart  feel broken for her.  Some of you have asked if we know who this little angel is yet, and the answer is, "No, but God does".  Do we know how old she is or what her medical condition is yet?  "No, but God does."  We do not get our official referral, which comes with information and pictures, until we are fully approved by China's Immigration Service, and we sent that application in today with our official home study.   There are alot of little steps to make all of this happen, but by God's grace, everything has gone smoothly so far.  We feel so blessed to be on this journey.  Please continue to pray for our adoption to be guided by God, and for our daughter's protection and love until we can squeeze her and give it to her ourselves! 

May God bless you all this Thanksgiving!  Mandy

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