Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update on YiYi

I wanted to share a little more about our sweet girl tonight, and about all the emotions I've had since finding out about her....  So YiYi was 15 months old on 3/19.  Many of you know we were adoptiong through the "Special Needs" program in China, which could mean any variety of mild to moderate medical conditions.  YiYi was born with a cleft palate, and had a hard time with recurrent pneumonia and failure to thrive in her first 5 months secondary to her cleft palate.  She had this surgically repaired at 5 months old, and has thrived ever since!!!  She may also have kidney calcifications, but her kidney function is great in her lab work :)  She is growing well, crawling, and we are told she has a good case of stranger anxiety.  (at least we know this up front :)  So .....we found out who our daughter was, and were elated!!!!  And on the same night, found out it could be 6 months before going to get her!!  I experienced such joy, and such deep sadness at the same time.  When people congratulated me for the next several days, I would cry .....  The longing in my heart for her made the wait seem almost unbearable.  I shared this with a few people who prayed for the Lord to take this sadness from me, and He did!!!  I still long for her, but I know 4-6 months to wait for an entire lifetime with her is OK with me.

We found out more about Shanghai Welfare Institute, and we feel really great about all the good things we learned.  It is one of the best orphanages in China, and when diplomats come to visit the country, this is THE orphanage they take them to!  How reassuring is that??  I no longer worry about her receiving good care, and enough food, as she is in the best place imaginable or prayed for.

I ask you to please pray for an expedited process to go get YiYi and to bring her home.  We love her so much already ....

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