Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessings for today

What a wonderful day today has been!  I got to talk to our case worker and get a little more information about our time frame to travel to China, and ....we had a wonderful "surprise" luncheon at Joey's work, the NC State Lab, in honor of our adoption.   I was truly overwhelmed with Joey's co worker's thoughtfulness and generosity today!!  A great BIG Thank-You to all of you at the NCSLPH for all you did for our family today.  This was our 1st adoption celebration, and it just makes all of the wait a little bit easier to celebrate Ava Grace's upcoming arrival.

I wanted to explain a little about our last waiting period, because many of you have asked for updates.  China is a Hague adoption country, so everything is very regimented and smooth, but does take time for all the paperwork.  We received our Log in Date with China in late March, and our pre-approval to adopt last week, so now we are waiting for our Letter Seeking Confirmation, (we are told will take 2 months from now) which is our official "referral" for our daughter.  Once we receive this, we can submit an I800  thru US immigration to officially get approval to adopt a foreign born child and bring her into the US. (takes 2-4 weeks to process)  We will then get a litter from the Nat'l Visa Center, and be able to submit our final document, which is an Article 5 letter to China.  Once they receive this, they will give us our Travel Approval (TA).  So .....long story short, we will most likely hear about our travel arrangements end of July or 1st of August.   So, yet again, we are bracing for travel in Sept, but really praying our Lord will move this along faster so we can be with our daughter and make our family complete by July/ August. 

Its good that we are told "worst case" scenarios, so if we are blessed with travel sooner, it will just be a wonderful surprise.

Also found out some interesting news today from our case worker.  YiYi may not be her nickname after all, lol, they are not sure what she is called at this point, but we should get another update with a picture and height/weight info in about a month.  We will stop referring to her as YiYi in our prayers, and simply use Ava Grace until we truly know what her name is :)

Keep praying for our family, and for Ava Grace!  We truly appreciate and covet your prayers thru this process,  Mandy

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  1. The timeframe numbers seem about right, but I learned that things can move faster at CCCWA depending on where your file lands. Some desks are faster than others. It is also a little faster for the SN children. God can bring Ava Grace home this summer!