Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Article 5 !!!!!

Praise the Lord!!  Our Article 5 letter was sent to Beijing yesterday, meaning we should get TA (travel approval) within 3 weeks.  I can hardly believe we are getting this close.  We had our "travel call" yesterday, which was a 2 1/2 hour conference call that our agency gives to families approaching travel.  It cleared up a lot of questions we had, and I feel so much relief now knowing that their facilitator is literally with us from the time we get off the plane in Beijing, to Shanghai, to Guanzhou (not in the hotel room with us of course, lol).  All of our hotel stays are booked thru them, along with our sightseeing tours we have to do while there.  So ....a lot of my stress has gone down, just a little :)  Now I can focus on bringing our sweet baby girl home and being ready for that.

Celebrated our youngest son's birthday last night!  Happy Birthday, Collin, what a big 8 year old you are ..... and what a great big brother you will be soon!!

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