Friday, July 29, 2011


Can you hear me shouting for joy all the way over there??  If so, its because we just got a wonderful call from our case worker telling us they issued us Travel Approval (TA) today!!  Praise the Lord!!!  I was on the way to the grocery store and Joey had JUST texted me asking if I'd heard anything yet, and I of course texted him "nutten"!!  Pulled into the parking space, kids in the back seat, and she called!!  I screamed and they screamed, and then we had to call daddy back to tell him the good news, then call the rest of the family!  So I just completed my longest grocery trip ever, and came home with hardly any groceries cause I couldn't concentrate on a thing!!  We are requesting a consulate appointment (CA) for 8/22 and will find out if we got it, and all the other travel itinerary by Tues or Wed of next week.  If we get that appt, we'll fly out on 8/10.   That's less than 2 weeks away!!  Whew ....lots of emotions right now, and lots of packing to be done!!


  1. Woo-wee!!!! So excited for all of you!!

  2. Woohoo!!!! I am beyond excited that you will have your sweet baby girl in your arms soon. I cannot wait to follow your journey!