Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stork Visit!!

The stork (Fed Ex delivery guy)  came to visit me at work this morning!!  China sent our Letter Seeking Confirmation for us to officially sign and send back saying we will be Ava Grace's parents :)  I have been in a cloud all day of emotions.  We are so very blessed that this letter came about 4 weeks early, and it came today on my dad's birthday!  Happy Birthday Papa Ed!!

This is a HUGE step in our adoption, now we wait for our Article 5 which is the last step to get Ava's visa and then travel approval.  We are waiting on an updated picture of our sweet girl, which we expect in 2 weeks or so.  Our whole family just CANNOT wait for our travel approval to come!


  1. Mandy, we saw you this morning and you didn't tell us. We are so happy for you all. God is truly moving in your family and blessing you. Continue to walk under His direction and you will stand in awe of all He will do.
    In His Love,
    Mary Tanner

  2. That is awesome;) Sounds like the time to get her is getting soo close:)

  3. Congratulations!! Our son is waiting for us in Shanghai, too. :)