Friday, June 3, 2011

A Little Humor

I found this humorous on another family's blog adopting from China and wanted to share ...

You might be adopting from China if:

13. You own new children's clothing in 2 sizes, for two seasons, for a child you've never met.

12. You know that waiting for China has nothing to do with dishes.

11. You've been "expecting" way more than 9 months.

10. You're as hormonal as a pregnant woman without the weigh gain--well, maybe with some weigh gain.

9. You've been fingerprinted four times and have never committed a crime.

8. You practice squatting while going potty to perfect your aim.

7. You practice strapping large amounts of cash to your body without wrinkling it.

6. You have a crazy obsession with Skype, Blogger, and Chinese adoption sites.

5. Letter combinations such as LOA, LID, TA, LSC, PA, SWI, CWI, SW, SN are part of your everyday vocabulary.

4. You can stock a small medical clinic with the "just-in-case" medicine and first aid supplies that are in your suitcase.

3. You know that I-800 and I-767 are NOT highways.

2. You study Mandarin phrases like a college student cramming for finals in hopes you will have something to say to your daughter.

And ....

1. You love someone you've never met with all of your heart.

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