Thursday, June 23, 2011

Care Package #2

OK, so I know we just sent Ava Grace a little care package about 2 weeks ago, but I got to thinking, "Why didn't I send her any pictures of us"??  So you can guess what I had to do .... send another package, right??  YES!  So Ann from Red Thread was so kind to get another package together with pictures I sent of all of us, labeled in Chinese with our names, Mama, Daddy, and big brothers, so she can start seeing us.  I am so glad I did this, even though she is young :)  So you'll notice the book is not in English on the front, as it should be.  It was supposed to read "Who Loves Baby?"  on the front, but Ann told me they were all out of English ones and only had French.  How funny is that, that in China, they only had this French version??  Anyway, here are pics of the package that she should receive tomorrow, it included some donations to her orphanage....

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