Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We also wanted to share what we did this week as a family!  We sent Ava Grace a care package through Red Thread.  We found a wonderful lady in China who has a heart for orphans and puts together these fabulous care packages for the families far away to send to their waiting child.  Ann from put this together and translated a letter we wrote to Ava Grace's caretakers.  She will receive it this Friday or Saturday!!!  I would highly recommend this company as it has a great reputation.  This is the package before she boxed it up ....  PJ's, outfit, board book, camera, blanket, candies for her caregivers,  doll.

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful! Our son is waiting for us in Shanghai. His name is John Wesley. Have you joined the AdoptShanghai yahoo group? If not, come and join us!